surtees12.jpg (27753 bytes) John Coming in. 
John on His Manx Norton, where I know not. Any offers?
|John Surtees Working on his Manx Norton 50's.
Just More proof. Notice the Dustbin fairing with Norton on it!
John's MV Augusta (This picture is poor quality)
MV Augusta I.o.M TT
John Surtees is on the left, center is ?
surtees06.jpg (14522 bytes) MV Agusta I.o.M TT
surtees07.jpg (15463 bytes) MV Agusta I.o.M Different bend.
surtees08.jpg (14894 bytes) This Picture has bad water damage.John Surtees roaring down Bray Hill in the Senior to take second place. Old style fairing
surtees09.jpg (21269 bytes) A word from Johns Young Lady Gwen Davis of Brookside East Barnet.
jsurtees10.jpg (26912 bytes) This is Johns Mum and Dad talking whilst he warms his bike up.
dminterjsurtees.jpg (9494 bytes) 1957 Derek Minter and John Surtees Joint Masters of Brands Hatch, whose riding at the last meeting of 1957 was the finest ever seen.

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