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mh10.jpg (110263 bytes) Mike with a few Trophy's after arriving from South Africa ( London Airport)
mhailwood_airport.jpg (87955 bytes) Mike picking up his new engine for his NSU.
Mike Hailwood and Mike Duff in 1964 at Daytona. Mike's dad Stan Hailwood on the far right with his cowboy hat.  (Picture Courtesy of Elizabeth)
Mike Hailwood on his NSU at 18yrs Breaking lap speed record at port Elizabeth South Africa 1958
Mike Home Nsu Mike Hailwood at his home with his dog.1960.
Mike NSU Mike at the 200cc race on Good Friday at Brands Hatch. He put in the lap record of 65.45.mph.
Mike MV6 Mike October 1962 500 M.V Augusta
Mike & Frank Mike Hailwood and Frank Perris. (Picture Courtesy of Elizabeth)
Stan Hailwood & Mrs M Ryerson My mother picking up a Ariel Square four outside Kings of Oxfords from Stan Hailwood.
Mike Hailwood in 1974 when he Raced for McLaren, until he crashed at Nurburgring during the German GP in 1974. (Picture Courtesy of Michael Leonard)
MikeBike(1) Mike Hailwood. (Picture Courtesy of Elizabeth)
A Young looking Mike and if you know which cup this is I would be grateful for the information. This photo was taken in his garden.

Looks to me like the Mellano Trophy. Awarded originally at Brooklands for the
'Hutchinson 100' and post war I believe awarded for a somewhat watered down
version. Presented by a Mr Mellano of the Hutchinson Tyre Company
Keith Turner.

Mike Hailwood TT Mike in the Isle of Man TT 1966 (Picture Courtesy of Elizabeth)
Martini Jacket Bike. (Picture Courtesy of Elizabeth)
At Sydney airport. (Picture Courtesy of Elizabeth)
Sydney airport pre August GP. (Picture Courtesy of Elizabeth)

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