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A 2M TT MAGNETO or information where I can get one, I have a genuine armature, so if anyone could help me I would be gratfull. This is for my Manx. All offers to the following email please. fxkuyl@wanadoo

In 1983 I bought a Bultaco tss125, model 14 from 1965 water cooled, 6 speed, 125cc, matched nr. for frame and engine m 600 457 from  a gentleman  located near to Nottingham.
I do not have any information about the pre owner and other history of the bike. cityindex options after restoration ( bike was in a horrible condition)  the Bultaco is participating  very successful in German historic championship and some  surrounding events. The only remark I have: on the (not original)  fairing was the name Dick Woolstone and a scruteneering wrapper from a race in the uk. in 1980, unknown track.  can anybody give me a help to investigate the history of this wonderful bike!?
thank you in advance
gerd gerdes, germany

There is a problem with this email address, I hope that if Gerd see's this notice he will give us a new email address.

RC018  I'm writing our KDMC history and need to contact any riders who rode at out Kirkcaldy events.
Our Beveridge Park road races were best known, but we held trials, sand racing and Scrambles (Grandstand Trophy) meetings from 1922 to the present day. If anyone raced at these events please get in touch.

RC017  Gary is looking for anyone that has photo's/ programs etc. From speedway in Rhodesia in the 50s/60. My father Arthur McDougall used to race then, if anyone has anything they wish to share or sell I would be grateful.

Dont forget that this site is not just for Road Racing but is happy to have any type of Racing ie Speedway, Trials, Scrambling etc.

Gary McDougall

RC016   Does anyone have pictures and information on Tom Thorpe and Michael ORourke
RC015   Does anyone have information of Bruce Beale, the Rhodesian Honda Rider from the 1960's



MESSAGE FOR HEATHER I have the information that you requested on Peter Williams, but cannot find your e-mail address please contact me cityindex minimum deposit for your information. raceclassics@uk2.net
RC014  Does anyone have any information on the whereabouts of KEVIN STOWE?

Frank is searching for a 7R rear hub that was mounted on any G85CS by
the AMC factory. Please contact



Magazine Articles WANTED on TD/TR/TZ's

Has any reader or visitor to this site have any old magazines or brochures lying around, with stuff about these old 2 stroke road racers, that you would be willing to part with or sell, anything considered.

Greg Bennett  EMail tz350and250ws@bigpond.com



PAUL is Looking for information on the Mead & Tomkinson BSA B50 racing efforts - including Endurance and TT'. Including the whereabouts of any remaining bikes. Any links to pictures would be of particular interest.. Please email beesa71@btinternet.com I am in the UK



Heather would like to hear from anyone out there about the following

The Contact address for sidecar Racer "The Traveling Preyer Mat" Chris Vincent


Any information regarding Gary Hocking would be very welcome, including personal information etc, or riders who knew Gary or rode with him in the late 50 to 60's. A gentleman did e-mail about this matter but I have lost his email and the contents, so in case he see's this message I would be pleased if he contacts me again.



Elizabeth Would like to know if anyone out there has information on Mike Hailwood's Mechanic John Dadley

Also trying to locate friends of Mike's in the 1957/8 South African season. 



Robert would like to hear from any ex Volunteer Emergency Riders (V.E.S) i.e Bernard Townsend etc. kontiki@eurobell.co.uk



Has anybody got more information on the 250cc Manx Norton, very few were made, but they did exist. 

 In answer to the above  enquiry please click .



Help Required I am looking for some working drawings of an early 70's racing outfit as I am thinking of building cityindex reviews one for the road. sstrumpit@aol.com



Paul Daimler Became the first Motorcyclist in 1885.?



A reader would be interested to know of any information regarding riders in Uruguay?



Question: Are copies of "The Motor Cycle" magazine worth anything to collectors? CAL6HAYLEY9@aol.com 


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