First may I welcome you to my site.

Beginners to Computers and the web may not be sure how to download pictures from a web site. Downloading is a word used for saving a file or image to your own computer.

It is advisable to make a directory so that all downloads can be found on your own computer. Windows makes a directory named "My Documents" which is in fact a good way to start.

The pictures that you will see on this web site, are in fact small copies of the original photo that you are going to download.

There are two simple ways in which to download a picture. There is a download area in which you can download each set of pictures, however you may not want all the pictures, Or by clicking your right mouse button on each small picture, a drop down list will appear and by using your left mouse button, click on " Save Target As" this will open a window where you can then click on the directory you wish to save to. 

I hope this has been of some help to you and any further information that you may require can be obtained by sending an email or by reading your own help files.

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