fredneville05.jpg (28080 bytes) Fred again going the other way this time. Bike Gold Star.
fredneville04.jpg (30557 bytes) Fred Neville on his Gold Star
frednevill03.jpg (24486 bytes) Fred Neville on His Gold Star, Not sure where this is but it's going into a hairpin and Fred won his heat.
fredneville02.jpg (21718 bytes) Fred Neville riding his 350 AJS .
A King in the IoM late 50's
Geoff Duke in the IoM late 50's
D Dale in the IoM late 50's
Ken Kavanagh IoM late 50's
D. Chadwick IoM late 50's
T Provini IoM late 50's
John Hartle IoM late 50's
Rob McIntyre IoM late 50's
L Traveri IoM late 50's
Giacomo Agostini TT Giacomo Agostini TT

(Courtesy of Henri-Michel Leurette."Pilotes de Legende")

G Agostini Bray Hill 1972 Giacomo Agostini Bray Hill I.o.Man 1972

(Courtesy of Henri-Michel Leurette."Pilotes de Legende")

Agostini Le Mans Giacomo Agostini Le Mans 1970

(Courtesy of Henri-Michel Leurette."Pilotes de Legende")

letsgoracing01.jpg (16528 bytes) In Oder left to right.

Tony Horton, Ken Pitt, Mrs M Ryerson (Mothe)r, Alan Ryerson, Brian Burgess(Brother), Myself, Alan Horton and Barry N Ryerson. Oct 1958 I believe at Brands. Bikes are 350 and 500 cc manx. These bikes are still running.


Sammy Miller Irelands Brilliant all rounder A youthful Sammy H Miller of Belfast on his 250cc Mondial, warming up for the 1957 Ulster G P on sat 10 August at Dundrod Co Antrim.
Cyril Jones Cyril Jones 1959 at Creg ny Bar I of Man.
Ken Pitt Ken Pitt part of the Lets go racing Team. Feb 1959
Cyril Jones Cyril Jones again at Silverstone also part of the Lets go Racing Team. October I think.
Cyril Jones Cyril Jones in the I.of man 1959 Manx in the scrutineers shed. I wonder how many of these machines are still around today?
Eric Sullivan Eric Sullivan refueling I of M 1959
manxgp In the back garages Manx Grand Prix 1959. Far left at the back is Cyril Jones the others I am not sure. No fancy trailors here!
Manx GP Back garages again, but of interest is the speed twin in the front that was later turned into a racing machine that Cyril Jones rode and was the first Triumph to be fitted with fuel injection, designed by Wal Philips.
frednevdenisdickens.jpg (72994 bytes) Fred Neville facing us and Denis Dickens with his backed turned, to the right looks like Cliff Richards who knows!

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