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eddy crooks Eddy Crooks 125cc MZ at Ballaugh Bridge 1960 TT he had to retire on the 2nd lap after being 4th on 1st lap.
Bill Bridgett found it hot work checking his machine before racing starts. Bill rode for the Midland Centre and won his 350cc team race heat.
B.A.Burgess Note the VES badge Norton 500cc
Junior race at cascades 1962. Derek Minter No7 leading Mike Hailwood N01 and about to go on the outside of J Evans No48
Derek Minter and Mike Hailwood Leaving Cascades 1962
Bob Mcyntyre??? 285cc Honda leads Phil Read No15 followed by No7 Derek Minter and last but not least Mike Hailwood, Early stages of 1962 Juinior race at Cascades.
T Shepherd Norton 500cc I.of.M 1960 TT at QuarterBridge
Well I am not sure about this one but try this H.Bischoff -Deutscher meister 1960 siegate auf seiner MZ RE 125cc
Wilf Brown Riding his 250 Royal Enfield, There are other Photo's of Wilf around and anyone who has them Wilf would love to have a copy and so would we.

(Courtesy of Wilf Brown)

Dad70.JPG (96371 bytes) C Jones

(Courtesy of Kevin Jones)

Dad71.JPG (75389 bytes) C Jones on the 500cc Triumph Speed Twin (Courtesy of Kevin Jones)
Dad69.JPG (85677 bytes) C Jones 500cc Speed twin later than the above photo. (Courtesy of Kevin Jones)
cjonesbab.jpg (62568 bytes) B A Burgess and C Jones at the start, 
ericsullivan05.jpg (49986 bytes) Eric Sullivan. Senior Manx Grand Prix 1959, just started
ericsullivan04.jpg (96881 bytes) Eric Sullivan in the back Yard.
G Duke Geoff Duke giving out autographs at the Motorshow.
lewis_stevens.jpg Here is a picture of Lewis Young (22)and Fred Stevens (21) at the Czech G P in the early sixties. Sadly Lewis Young died of Cancer some years ago. Fred Stevens may still live in Blackpool. Unfortunately Steve has not said which is which, I hope he comes back and lets us know! The gent pushing No 22 is Ian Mackay who later became one of Agostini's Mechanic at Yamaha.

Courtesy of Steven Ellis

Terry Sheperd Terry Shepherd.
Brian A Burgess on 500cc Gold Star.
B A Burgess Triumph Tiger 100 Brian Burgess early days on a Triumph
Ken Pitt in his garage with his G50 and Manx Norton. I thought that this was Ken in his Garage but in Fact I think its Fred Neville.
On my Uncle's Norton International.
Cecil Sandford on a 250cc Guzzi

Courtesy of Barry Donaldson

brian_iom.jpg (85436 bytes) Brian Burgess in the I.o.M on 500cc Manx Norton
Jeff Tanner No It's not lee Marvin but Jeff Tanner.
John Hartle John Hartle
Arthur Wheeler Arthur Wheeler (Very poor Picture)
Jack Brett All I have is Jack Brett, but which one?
Fred Neville Fred Neville.

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