350cc Manx Norton Another project 350 Manx Norton. parts are needed for this bike and the advert can be seen under information.
G85 500cc A readers project, coming on very nicely

G85 Matchless. Only 97 built and it is possible that there are only 20 left in the world.


Potts Potts/McIntyre 250cc Manx Norton

The Query about the 250cc Manx Norton, the most well known one was the machine built by Joe Potts of Glasgow which Bob Mac used to ride.

This bike I recall was about the best of the 250 Manx racing at that time. This bike had an outside flywheel and Earls type forks (not the curved Alloy type) This bike was around in 1956/57, another I recall was ridden by Dick Harding and I think was built up by Ray Petty. All the 250's were in fact specials and not built by Manx Norton's.

(This information was supplied by Barry Donaldson)

Additional information Terry Shepherd

The outside flywheel 250 Manx one reputedly built by Joe Potts was based on a 350 works Norton like the one Ray Amm rode in '54 (and which I rode occasionally in '59, notably at Errol and Crimond). I raced very happily against Bob throughout '55 & '56 on 350s & 500s and I can't remember ever seeing him out on it. Another one of these specials was built by Ian Telfer and was ridden by Phil Carter and myself. I won quite a few races on it and managed a 4th at Silverstone Saturday but it was mainly due to the handling, not the speed.. Take a 500 Manx chassis & brakes with a skinny 20 or so hp motor in it and you could do pretty well anything with it. Mention of Reg Dearden's 350 Velo reminds me that he also had a very pretty little ex-works 250 Velo, a miniature KTT which was quite a bit better than any of the Norton derivatives. Dave Chadwick rode it pretty successfully, winning at the Southern 100, among other places. Regards TS Terry Shepherd
Now here is some more information regarding the 250 Manx Norton, provided by Wilf Brown, who has kindly sent us a copy of the program, that has the 250 Manx in a race. The program is from the 1963 Scottish Road Races at Beveridge Park Kirkaldy. Wilf was in the same race as Alan Capstick and Wilf was riding his Royal Enfield Crusader Sports Wilf came third, Note winning a massive four pounds 4.00.

(Information Courtesy of Wilf Brown)

Wilf also has his bike in Riders

v4 AJS.jpg (96296 bytes) V4 AJS at the motor Museum (Photo courtesy of Barry Donaldson) also in the frame so to speak.
mward01.jpg (101255 bytes) Not Racing But this is Maggi Ward, Vincent owner and was secretary of the  BMC.
mward02.jpg (95930 bytes) Maggi Ward, in the background is the speed twin that C Jones later raced on.
KTT Velo

The KTT Velo is the actual machine that Les Graham won the 1947 Swiss GP on. It was owned by the Manchester entrant Reg Dearden. I am not sure he was the owner in 1947. I took this photo at Oulton Park in 1957 where it was being ridden by Alan Holmes the double MGP winner of that year. The previous year Eric Jones, an up and coming Manchester rider, rode it with the same vengeance at Oulton Park, winning his heat and the 350 final. There were plenty of Red faces in the paddock that day! (Courtesy of Barry Donaldson)

500cc Gold Star 500cc Gold Star.

This photo was taken at Mallory Park in 1957 and is believed to belong to Dave Nourish.
(Courtesy of Barry Donaldson)


No 36 G45 Matchless Isle of Man T.T. 1956. We would be grateful to know who the owner was or any history. (Courtesy of Barry Donaldson)
No 31 G45 Matchless Isle of Man T.T. 1956. We would be grateful to know who the owner was or any history. (Courtesy of Barry Donaldson)
No 33 500cc Manx Norton Isle of Man T.T. We would be grateful to know who the owner was or any history. (Courtesy of Barry Donaldson)
Mike found this picture and it was listed as a 250cc Manx Norton