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I thought that some race enthusiast may be interested in some older photo's, cards and stamps of different aspects of the Isle of Man, so I have included them here.

Postage Stamps

Castrol Cards


Going up the Mountain road past Guthrie's Memorial. Ramsey in the background. Taken in 1959
Iom019. Bray Hill, How much has this changed over the years.
Local Tram
Where is it leaving from?
A different track at Union Mills
iom card 1958 Just a postcard from My Mother. 4.June 1958.
sskingorry.jpg (39442 bytes) SS King Orry
airport.jpg (54646 bytes) Isle of Man Airport
Dougleshead.jpg (33552 bytes) Douglas Head 
horsetram.jpg (44004 bytes) Horse Tram Douglas
card1980.jpg (59797 bytes) 1980 Card

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